Frequently Asked Questions & Answers 

I. Price and payment

No. Only when you order our drinks you will pay for them. 

You’ll receive a full refund if you cancel at least 20 days before check-in.

No, refunds are not issued for partial cancellations during the cruise. A refund is only provided if a typhoon forces an early return to land as mandated by the Halong government.

II. Activities & Services

Yes, we cater to vegan and vegetarian preferences on board. Please inform us of any food allergies or specific dislikes you might have.

Yes, your child can kayak while seated with their parents.

We offer a bamboo boat as an alternative, at no extra charge.

All our rooms come with private balconies.

We don’t cancel activities due to light rain. We may adjust the schedule or activities to ensure you don’t miss out, and raincoats are available if needed.

Certainly! We celebrate birthdays if they occur on the cruise date. Additionally, if the birthday falls within one day before or after the cruise date, we’re happy to celebrate it as well. Our celebration includes providing a cake, candle, card, and our best wishes. (read more)

There will be free Halong Bay cruise wifi on the ship and you can connect to it anytime and anywhere onboard. However, as Halong Bay is a relatively closed Bay and located quite far from the mainland, the weak connection is a regular problem. It is OK to surf the internet to read news and post photos, but for working purposes, it might be not strong enough.

III. Transfer service

No, it’s a shared service with a maximum of 15 guests.

Yes, we provide shared limousine service. After the ship docks at 10:30, the pickup is between 11:30 and 11:45. For convenience, booking a private car is recommended.

We’ll pick you up from your hotel lobby between 8:00 and 8:30 AM. We’ll confirm the exact time with you at around 5:30 PM the day before your cruise.

Please be ready on time as delays affect the schedule for everyone. Being punctual helps us ensure a smooth boarding process in Halong Bay. Thank you for your cooperation.

If you’re not ready when our driver arrives, we may have to leave without you. In this case, you should take a taxi to catch up with us at our last stop or a pre-arranged meeting point. Unfortunately, we can’t come back to pick you up due to time constraints.

We provide pick-up and drop-off services only within the Hanoi Old Quarter. If you’re staying outside this area, please meet us at the Hanoi Opera House.

Yes, after dropping you off in Hanoi city around 3:30 PM, our driver can assist you in getting a taxi to the airport, which is about an hour away. Taxi costs will be your responsibility. Please schedule your international flights for after 6:30 PM.

If there’s not enough time, you can still arrange for a private car with us to pick you up in Halong and take you to Noi Bai Airport around 3:30 PM.


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