Celebrate Your Special Occasions with Hermes Cruises in Halong Bay 


Whether it’s a significant milestone or a moment to cherish, Hermes Cruises is here to make your celebrations unforgettable – all at no extra cost!

1. Birthdays

Celebrate your special day surrounded by the breathtaking views of Halong Bay. Our complimentary birthday package includes:

  • A delightful free cake to sweeten your celebration
  • A personalized birthday card
  • Candles to make your wish
  • A special gift from Hermes Cruise

2. Honeymoon trip & Love anniversaries

Begin your journey of love with an enchanting honeymoon experience on the luxurious Hermes Cruise. Or celebrate your relationship milestone with a memorable event.

  • Romantic bed decoration in your cabin
  • Dinner table decor
  • A sweet cake to share with your beloved
  • A special gift from Hermes Cruise


1. Private Dinner on the Sundeck – A Touch of Elegance

Elevate your experience with a private dining setup on the sundeck, complete with:

  • Personal waiter service for an uninterrupted romantic evening
  • Dinner table decor
  • Complimentary French wine

Price: US $250


2. A Proposal Like No Other

Make your proposal unforgettable with:

  • A stunning flower gate decoration.
  • A beautifully set dinner table with flowers, candles.
  • Balloons and flowers adorning the sundeck, creating the perfect backdrop for your special moment.

Price: US $1000


At Hermes Cruises, every moment is an opportunity to celebrate. Let us be the setting for your unforgettable memories in the majestic Halong Bay.


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