As Halong Bay has gained huge reputation worldwide, the number of people coming to this spot never stops to increase, leading to the rise in the number of Halong Bay cruise fleets. Hermes Cruise, though being a newcomer in this market, is still regarded as one of the best Halong Bay cruise to be considered when taking a Halong Bay tour. Followings are some reasons that might explain why.

Thoughtfully designed itinerary

Hermes Cruises have designed 5 distinctive itineraries to meet the need of different clients. The cruise will take you on a tour to the most renowned highlights of Halong Bay.

Each Halong Bay cruise route that Hermes offers would take travelers to different destinations on the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site such as Titov Beach, Sung Sot Cave, the floating villages, pearl farm village, Three Peach Beach, Cat Ba Island, etc. Visitors will get chances to immerse yourself in the pristine beauty of nature and blow away all the stress and tiredness of the bustling life.

Fascinating activities

Aside from paying a visit to the famous tourist attractions on Halong Bay, travelers are also able to participate in several interesting activities onboard and on the islands when going with Hermes cruise.

Additional to kayaking – a must-do for any Halong Bay cruises 2018, Hermes Cruises also allows their clients to experience different exciting activities such as squid fishing, learning to cook traditional Vietnamese dishes, and practicing Tai Chi – the traditional martial arts of China. More interestingly, you will get the chance to admire the glorious sunset on the Bay – a magnificent scene that you need to see at least once in your life. The image of the sun going down behind the limestone peaks and disappear in the waters will definitely leave you in awe.

Visitors can also visit the secluded beach to dive into the cool sea water of Tonkin Gulf or spend time strolling in the stretching white sandy shores and enjoy the tranquility that can hardly be found in cities.

Luxurious rooms and amenities

As a convergence of classic and modern style, the luxurious Hermes junk is gloriously decorated with delicate interiors. The sophisticated and elegant surroundings of Hermes ship offer airy spaces to relax, rejuvenate and thrive as the visitors immerse in the stunning seascapes of Halong Bay.

More than that, there are restaurant, bar & lounge on the junk also, enabling travelers to enjoy the most of their trips to Halong Bay.

Diverse cuisine

Foods on Hermes Cruise are not simply a thing to make your stomach full. From the light breakfast, the brunch, to the dinner, the chef puts all their effort to make scrumptious dishes to satisfy their clients. The dishes varied from the traditional Vietnam specialties to modern Western delicacies. Appetizer, main course, and dessert are all tasty and would undoubtedly fit your taste’s buds. There are also a sky bar where clients can have a drink while watching the poetic beauty of Halong Bay.

In short, with delicate care in designing itinerary, decorating rooms, and making dishes and professionally trained staff, Hermes Cruise is absolutely a wonderful choice for a Halong Bay tour. The moments you get on Hermes Cruise will surely make your Halong Bay cruise worth it.