Halong has long been well-known for its majestic natural settings of limestone islets and turquoise sea water, which have made the Bay a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the new Seven Wonders of Nature. In addition to the marvelous nature, Halong Bay also appeals travelers with its innocent locals who live on the small fishing villages above the sea. Vung Vieng Village, the most outstanding fishing village on Halong Bay, has contributed largely in making Halong Bay a top destination for North Vietnam group tours.

Halong Bay is home to several floating villages, namely Ba Hang, Cua Van, Cong Dam, and Vung Vieng. Among these names, Vung Vieng is said to be the most famous one. It is located on Vung Ha Islands, amidst the protected area of Halong Bay. From the very first approach, the village easily impresses travelers with the naturally-born gateway formed by a limestone arch.

The village is named “Vung Vieng” because in the past, Hai Phong traders need to pass this area to do business with the Chinese. Whenever it reaches this area, it’s lunchtime and time to cook. But due to the strong wind, the lids (“vung” in Vietnamese) of the pots are usually blown off. Then the place is called “Vung Venh” (the warped lid). But soon they realized that if they come across the arch to access the inside area, the wind is much weaker and the wave is calm, making it a perfect sheltering place in case of storms. The area is named “Vung Vieng” from then on. Once a traditional fishing village, it’s now a famous destination for north Vietnam group tours.

It would be a big regret if you pay a Halong Bay cruise but forget to visit the floating village to get closer to the life of the lovely Vietnamese fishermen here. Vung Vieng Village is usually listed in the itineraries of from the budget package to the luxury Halong Bay cruise. A visit to the village will enable you to meet the locals and see what a day would pass right above one of the most beautiful emerald waters in the world.

Visitors can ride the kayak or go on the rowboats to reach the isolated village where the locals always warmly welcome the outsiders to share glimpses into their special world. Sheltered amidst the spectacular limestone pillars, the floating village is a true water world that rise and fall with the tides. The village consists of 30 – 50 families with a population of around 200 – 600 people. The floating houses are tied together to protect against storms. Since it is quite hard to cultivate in such these rock island terrain, the farmers here mainly live on fishing and tourism activities. At an early age, the children in the villages learn to swim to and help their parents sustain the floating village they call home.

Recently, the villagers have been moving to settle down in the mainland so that their kids will have a better environment to study and grow up. Few families remain here and take tourism as their main occupation. They are the ones who offer the bamboo boat services as well as who sell the stuff (snacks, water, etc.) to tourists who take North Vietnam group tours here. Still, they retain their innocence, friendliness, and hospitality, which will easily impress you when first approaching them.

The tranquility of the floating villages cannot be a better environment for visitors to enjoy their finest moments. Taking he quietness and unsuspecting people of Vung Vieng Village will help you to blow aall your stress and fatigue away to totally immerse in the enchanting beauty of this land.

Vung Vieng Fishing Village is undoubtedly a must-see for any Halong Bay cruises. Don’t miss out this place during your 01 or 02 nights in this majestic Bay, as its beauty and traditional values will never let you down.