The ship terminal plays an important role in any beach destinations as it would show how convenient and comfortable the travelers would feel when transporting from the mainland to the ship. The case is the same with Halong Bay cruise terminal. The state-of-the-art international tourism wharf of Tuan Chau has made Halong Bay transportation even more convenient and favorable compared to Lan Ha Bay’s and Bai Tu Long Bay’s.

Tuan Chau International Resort and Recreation Complex is an elegant artificial tourism sport in the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site of Halong Bay. With many products and services offered, the group has turned Tuan Chau into a “pearl island” like today. As a part of the complex, the international Tuan Chau Harbor now not only is a highlight of the tourism spot but also adds significant value to Tuan Chau Island and Halong Bay – a Wonder of Nature.

There are now two Halong Bay cruise terminals in the island: Tuan Chau 1 and Tuan Chau 2, covering a total area of 172 hectares. The 2,000 meter long Zone 1 was first run in 2009 and can serve up to 200 boats and ships. Luxurious yachts of Halong Bay cruise operators converge here, offering travelers with romantic Halong Bay voyage.

To the southwest of Tuan Chau 1 locates Tuan Chau 2 port, which is 11 times bigger than Zone 1. Built on a large tidal wetland, Tuan Chau 2 Wharf is 7 km long, followed by a system of operators, stations, working quarters of Port Authority, Ha Long Bay Management Board, fresh water supply logistics system, petrol, representative offices for shipping lines. Being up to an international standard, Tuan Chau 2 can serve up to 2,000 ships at once.

Tuan Chau Harbor has played an important role in making Halong Bay transportation more and more convenient. Different to the ports in Bai Tu Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay, which are still underprivileged and tourists need to go on tenders to transfer to the big junks anchored on the far ocean, with Halong Bay cruise ship terminal, the big ship can anchored right in the port, thus travelers can directly embark without having to transfer on small boats.

Nowadays, Tuan Chau Harbor is the starting point of nearly 600 cruise ships on Halong Bay as well as the yachts from different parts of the world traveling to this appealing destination. In the near future, the harbor will connect with the marine system to facilitate trade and economic and cultural exchanges by sea within Asia in particular and globally in general.

There is no exaggeration to say that Tuan Chau Harbour has blown a wind of changes into Halong tourism industry. It not only contributes largely in making Halong Bay transportation much more easy but also create a beautiful image that can proudly and perfectly match with this world wide famous site.