Voted as one of the new Seven Wonders of Nature, Halong Bay possesses an irresistible beauty with majestic karst caves, evergreen limestone peaks, and of course, pristine beaches. Halong Bay beaches appeal tourists with its Colgate-white sand and transparent sea waters. In this article, we will list out the most beautiful destinations among the numerous beaches of Halong Bay, which could definitely worth your visit during Halong tours.

1. Quan Lan Beach, Van Don.

Nestled in the less-visited area of Bai Tu Long Bay, Quan Lan holds an untouched beauty that could easily capture visitors’ hearts at the very first meet.

Quan Lan BeachQuan Lan Beach

Totally different from the crowded beaches in Halong Bay, Quan Lan is exceptionally tranquil with stretching soft white sandbar and blue water. Next to the shores is cascades of wild pineapple trees, which make the scenery become even more pristine.

Quan Lan is a perfect place for a getaway from the bustling city life. Immersing yourself into the wilderness of nature here, you will blow away all the stress and burden of the daily life, unconsciously.

2. Titov Beach.

Definitely, Titov Island – one of the must-visit places for Halong tours is a name to never be missed in the list of Halong Bay beaches. Perhaps there is no need to say much about this place because the huge flocks of tourists coming here each day would well prove how beautiful it is.

Titop BeachTitop Beach

The small beach on Titov Island features a crescent moon shape that embraces the foot of the islet. The stretching soft white sandbank, the transparent aqua-green sea water, and the spectacular ocean view have made the beach an ideal place for recreational activities such as swimming, kayaking, and other water sports.

Additionally, the island is even more attractive thanks to the awe-inspiring panoramic view offered on the mountaintop.

3. Bai Dai Beach (Long Beach), Van Don.

Located in Van Don District, Bai Dai Beach has drawn in beach-goers’ attention thanks to the pristine beauty that could hardly be found in other famous seashores.

Bai Dai BeachBai Dai Beach

As its name states, the beach stretches for more than 02 kilometers with exceptionally soft golden sand and transparent water. It would be a great experience to stroll along the beach in a summer afternoon to breathe the fresh air from the ocean while listening to the ecstatic sounds of the overlapping waves.

As the sandbank is large, it is ideal for team building activities such as games and campfire. Furthermore, there exists an infinite wooden bridge reaching out to the sea – a wonderful place to take quintessential photos.

4. Van Chay Beach, Co To.

If you take a Halong tour to Co To Island, don’t forget to visit Van Chay Beach – one of the most stunning beaches in this island.

Van Chay BeachVan Chay Beach

With stretching sun-kissed sandbank and big waves, Van Chay Beach is a perfect place for beach sports such as volleyball, soccer, surfing, and so on. This has recently become a top tourist attraction for Vietnamese youngsters when coming to the island.

There happens to appear some hotels along the beach but they have been designed harmonizingly with nature, making the beach even more poetic. Nothing is more wonderful than lying on the sun lounges to have cool coconut milk while admiring the sun falling down on the far-off ocean.

5. Ba Trai Dao Beach, Lan Ha Bay.

Even more favored than Titov Beach, Ba Trai Dao Beach is the motivation that foster Halong tours booking.

Ba Trai Dao BeachBa Trai Dao Beach

The beach is named “Ba Trai Dao” (03 peaches) because it embraces the 03 islands that shape like 03 peaches falling down from Jade’s garden. Because it is less visited by tourists, the beach well preserves its pristine looks with soft sand fronted by perfect emerald water. In addition to swimming, kayaking is another fascinating activity to do at this place. By riding the kayak, you will be able to approach every single corner of the surrounded area to see how grand nature is.

When reading other Halong tours review, you might see other more famous names such as Bai Chay or Tuan Chau Beach, but indeed, these places have been crowded with tourists, thus gradually losing its untouched beauty. If you are searching for a place to enjoy the finest moments without having to worry about other people, don’t forget to check out the places above. Their beachy senses are perfect for a quiet getaway!