Halong Bay is incredibly beautiful all year round, especially in summer. Let’s take a summer getaway to explore this Wonder of Nature to immerse in the wilderness of nature with several fascinating activities. Followings are some things to pay attention to have the best Halong tours in summer. 

Halong BayHalong Bay

The hot season, generally called summer, in Halong bay occurs from May to September of the western calendar. The weather is very hot and humid with an average temperature of 35°C. On peak days (normally in June and July), it might exceed 45°C!!!  Extremely hot as it might seem, the summer offers clear blue sky and lots of sunshine, which is just perfect for a beach trip. If you are planning a trip to Halong Bay this summer, check the following Halong travel guides out to be well prepared. 

Though a little bit expensive, overnight cruises are the best choices

Sunset on Halong BaySunset on Halong Bay

A Halong Bay trip might take you only some hours, to a night, to even days. While the dayboat itinerary might be too short for you to try all the must-do activities in Halong Bay, an overnight cruise would be an idyllic option. Even not mentioning that you would be able to spend the nights on the ocean, the longtime sailing on the sea would enable you to complete your to-do lists here. You could practice Tai Chi to warm your body up in the morning, then explore the marvelous caves, go swimming on a secluded beach, and then catch squids at night. It’s also awesome to simply lie on your bed to look over the stunning Bay at sunset or sunbathe on the swingy lounge on the sundeck. Overnight Halong Bay tours also allow you to visit the fishing villages – the real world on the most beautiful emerald waters of the world to experience the life of the local fishermen. 

Kayaking on the BayKayaking on the Bay

Especially, you can go kayaking in Halong Bay – the highlight of every Halong trip. Riding the kayak, you can approach the corners that the big boat cannot reach to get a closer look at the majestic Bay. The feeling of discovering untouched and unnamed islets here is unspeakable. Some famous places for kayaking activities are Luon Cave, Soi Sim Island, and the Pearl Farm.

What to bring?

Swimming on the secluded beachSwimming on the secluded beach

To get the best Halong Bay tours this summer, do not forget to bring the essentials. You’ll need sunglasses, sunscreen. Secure money, tickets and any important paper in an easily accessible yet safe location. For beach days, you need to bring two swimsuits, one beach cover-up or a big T-shirt, hats, flip-flops, waterproof bag. Pack a sweater for cold mornings and evenings, and also a raincoat just in case the weather turns rainy. In the summertime, especially in May, June, and July, before swimming, you should ask the captain or tour guide for advice because it’s when the poisonous jellyfish are active. Please look at the water to make sure that there are no Jellyfish before swimming.

It is highly recommended for backup tours in case of bad weather. Without prior notice, the cruise trip might be postponed, canceled or shortened due to an unexpected storm or typhoon. You should check the weather forecast a few days before cruising for better preparation for backup plans. You can stay in a hotel in Halong and choose other Halong destinations while waiting until the weather condition is suitable and the boat is available. Or you can book a package tour with many other destinations included so your itinerary can be easily modified without thinking too much.