Since Halong Bay has become more and more popular with nature lovers from different parts of the world, tourism here is rapidly developed, entailing in the sharp rise of Halong tours available. Such a great number of choices would be overwhelmed and confusing to choose, requiring travelers to undergo a deep research before booking. Followings are some important things that need to be directed assiduous attention when ones are considering Halong bay cruise how to choose.

1. Transferring

A careless decision on choosing a package might lead to budget overruns. Additional money might be counted in some services like transferring, breakfast, brunch, etc. Especially, transferring fee might cost you a fortune if you do not prepare well in advance.

It is important to check whether the package you are about to choose have included transferring fees or not. For example, if you are traveling to Halong from Hanoi, where is 160km far away, it is of course better to know the fee you need to pay. Some people did go into trouble because they thought the price advertised on website has included transfer and did not prepare extra money. In case you have considered Halong Bay cruise including transfers, it’s time to check whose vans are of better quality and whose money is more reasonable.

2. Itineraries

Another thing to consider is the itinerary of the cruise. Different tour operators offer different itineraries for clients to choose. It is hence essential to see the length and the route of each tour to pick up the best option for your tour.

It is of necessity to decide Halong Bay cruise how many days you will stay. Ordinarily, there will be 3 options for a cruise on the Bay: within a day, 2 days 1 night, and 3 days 2 nights. The itineraries change depending on the length of each trip. The longer you stay, the more destinations you will visit and the more cruising experiences you will get.

Aside from the time, the difference in itineraries will also enable you to experience different things. There will be changes or addition in the destination your ship will stop by. Still, no matter what cruise you would choose, the beauty of Halong Bay will definitely leave you in awe

3. Tour operators

Whether your trip will be favorable or not depends largely on the travel agencies you will go with. There are tens to hundreds of Vietnam tour operators that offer Halong Bay cruise package. Many of them are reputable ones with years of experience and first-rate services while some of them are just copycat agencies. The price, staff, and service of each are different, too. Thus, checking the reviews as well as the services they offer carefully in advance to choose the most suitable one.

Halong Bay cruise is so worth-taking an experience that anyone would try once in their life. Consider the things above carefully and prepare yourself for an unforgettable Halong Bay trip!