Halong Bay gains its worldwide reputation for not only the magnificent natural settings but also the plenty of fascinating activities available on the Bay. Aside from kayaking and swimming, there is also another interesting activity that travelers rarely pay their attention to: squid fishing.

While in the past, there are only tourist boats that offer daytime excursions, there are now big and luxurious vessels that enables tourists to take on overnight cruise on the Bay. As a result, squid fishing is added into Halong Bay cruise schedule to bring more traveling experience to the clients.

Tourists can try catching squids anytime in a year, yet if you go in squid season, there is a higher likelihood of catching bigger ones. The season starts in April and last till January of the next year. From August, the peak season begins and reaches its peak between October and November. It is when travelers get the highest chances to catch the big-sized squid. It is considered the best time to travel to Halong Bay, also.

The squid fishing rods are made of hard bamboo and do not need to be as bent and flexible as the rods used to catch fish. The hook is even more different. It shapes like a shrimp and looks like a fake bait. To catch squids, no bait is needed because just the white light is enough to attract them to the board of the ship.

When the hooks are put into the water, they look like the swimming shrimps. That’s why there is no need to use baits. The hungry squids would mistake the hooks for shrimp and be easily trapped with the hooks. Then the catchers only need to gently pick up the fishing poles.

According to Halong Bay Vietnam cruise reviews, the best time to catch squids is said to be on nights without moon. The bright moon makes it easy for squids to see the way to go hunting so they won’t gather around the lights on the ship anymore. Then turning the light on to catch squids will be pointless. If the conditions are fine, you might catch tens of squids at night, and these fresh creatures will be well cooked for your own taste right after that or for breakfast, depending on your own decision.

There are different ways to cook squids like boiling, grilling, frying, stirring. The tastes are all incredible as long as the squids are fresh.

Additional to catching squids, travelers also get the chance to enjoy the peaceful night on the ocean. You will be left in awe by the pitch-black curtain draped over the sky and the twisted, warped shapes that the stars made against the blackness. Staring up at the sky, you will feel like all the stress and fatigue of your bustling life have been blown away.

With such this fascinating activity, if you ask me whether Halong Bay cruise worth it, I would definitely say YES. Just start off your journey and enjoy the best of Halong Bay tour!