Located in the west of Halong Bay, Soi Sim Island is a less-visited land possessing a pristine beauty that could easily capture travelers’ heart. Having been closed for preservation and facility upgrading acts, Soi Sim is announced to be back to tourism industry this December, promising to be an even more appealing Halong Bay destination for your overnight cruises.

About Soi Sim Island

Soi Sim Island is a small island nestled just around 700 meters from the reputable Titop Island and 12 kilometers from Bai Chay Touristic Wharf. The island has been named after the rose myrtle tree (“sim” in Vietnamese” because the whole island is covered with the purple flower and fruit of this tree.

The island consists of 02 small evergreen hills. There is a 400-step path leading toward the top of the hills, where visitors can take a bird’s eye view over the spectacular Halong Bay. The scenery is just too awesome to be true.

Soi Sim Beach

After times, the island still retains its primitive looks with pristine sugar-white beach and lush vegetation. It is home to Soi Sim Beach – one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Halong Bay with primrose sand and transparent emerald water.

The sand of Soi Sim Beach is softly golden with the steady warmth from the grains while the water is so transparent that you could see the schools of fish swimming underneath. It is so mesmerizing a moment to walk on the silent beach while taking a deep breath of ocean carried air and listening to the percussion of waves. In Halong Bay, there is nowhere else you could go for so long without crossing a man-made structure, unless you count the wooden and leave huts there, which are as good as nature to me.

Not only ideal for swimming, the surrounded beach is also idyllic for other watersports, namely kayaking – one of the top things to do in Halong Bay. Kayaking time means hours of fun when you can ride the kayak yourself to approach every single corner of the island and the surrounded Bay. Kayaking in Halong Bay is not hard and require very little skill and strength, so it would be suitable for every challenger, even the beginner with no hands-on experience on this sport.

Diverse biological systems

The mountain behind the beach is a real wonderland with a rich bio-ecological system. Although not covering such a large area, the vegetation layers on Soi Sim Island is exceptionally rich with diverse kinds of flora and fauna, many of which are the distinctive species that only inhabit in Halong.

It is a joy to wander around the forest to be sheltered by the large foliage while listening to the murmur of the birds hanging on the branches. Because of its high biological and ecological values, the whole island has been paid serious care from Quang Ninh Province’s authority and they decided to form a protected area of Halong’s plants and animals right on the island, with an aim to preserving the biodiversity and the precious genes of endemic animals here.

Effort to save Mother Nature

As an effort to protect the wild nature, everything on the island is strictly protected. All the existing concrete roads and bridges on the island have been replaced by new eco-friendly wooden ones. Some new wooden paths around the island and into the woods have also been built, creating an endless road for visitors to walk along.

The highlight of this project is the appearance of the exhibition hall and gazebos, which shape like a 9-petal flower. This man-made structure has been constructed based on the strict requirements about nature protection. A visit to this hall will not only enable you to know more about the rich natural resources of Halong Bay but also offer you with an exquisite view over the wood and the far-off Bay.

Being back with a bigger mission

After years being closed for constructing and preserving purposes, Soi Sim Island will be reopened to welcome tourists. Not only is the island a must-visit Halong Bay destination belong to Route 02, where tourists can witness the majesty of this land, it also plays an important role in displaying the biological features and values of the Bay to international viewers.

Soi Sim Island is now back since December 01, 2018 and is included in the itinerary of luxury Margaret Cruises, promising to offer visitors with the best beach vibes ever!