Safety is among the most frequently asked questions of travelers every time they go anywhere. It is even far more significant when taking a cruise on the vast ocean. The things are the same with Halong Bay tours. Scrupulous attention is confined in Halong Bay cruise safety so that clients will get the best of cruising experience on this worldwide well-known destination.

Years ago, when the vessels were not really well-equipped and the regulations and rules were not strict enough, unfortunate accidents occurred, leaving clients with worry and scare. There happened to be some fire and sink reported.

Now most of the luxurious ships are made from steelNow most of the luxurious ships are made from steel
These are no longer a problem now thanks to the upgrade of the vessel and the improvements in regulations. While in the past boats were made from wood that was easy to catch fire, most of the big vessels are made from steel. Hence, it is now almost impossible for flame to spread around the ship.

Another reason why travelers do not need to worry about Halong Bay cruise fire is that the cruise crew has been well trained with necessary safety skills. Before working on ships, all the staff has earned the training certificates on SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) and dealing with unexpected onboard accidents. The Marine Search and Rescue team, with consummate skills and modern rescue equipment, are available in case of any emergencies.

All the ships are fully equipped with professional state-of-the-art marine safety equipment such as VHF Radio, GPS Plotting, Two-way radios, Anti-sinking Pump System, Water Ingress Alarm System, Fire Alarm system, and fire extinguishers. All the boats are equipped with life vests, life buoys, and life rafts in each cabin and in shared spaces also to accommodate all the clients and boat crews. Inspected by the local Maritime Registration Authority annually, all the vessels are of great safety standard.

Regarding technical problems, technical supervision is carried out daily to reassure there will be no technical errors happening when the ship is running. Also, each ship have to undergo regular monthly and quarterly routine maintenance and an annual dry-docking to maintain seaworthiness and the good condition of accommodations.

In addition, prior to each departure, the cruise crew will take the clients a tour around the boat and conduct a safety briefing. Passengers will be guided with onboard safety procedures and comprehensive instructions on how to react in case of emergencies. The insurance is included in the ticket, also.

Obeying the Authority’s regulations and rules on safety and security, our vessels promise to bring travelers with the best cruising experience without any worries about Halong Bay cruise accidents.

Halong Bay is undeniably beautiful and worth paying a visit. Arrange your schedule, set a ready mood for travel, and call a tour operator to get a joyful Halong Bay cruise!