Talking about Vietnam luxury tours, Halong Bay seems to be the best perfect candidate across the region of Northern Vietnam with a wide range of deluxe and affluent boats (of both wooden and steel) to be offered. However, with an approximate roundup or 500 “floating boutique hotels” available, picking one seems to be the hardest obstacle you have ever made when visiting Halong Bay. Hence, here are a few helpful tips for those seeing the Bay for the first time ever.

What can you be offered in a real luxury boat?

In general, there are 03 options in total for those intending to wander off Halong Bay in your luxury Vietnam tour in different ways and time. If your time budget is not that generous, feel free to pick a one-day trip from Hanoi to Halong and come back on the same day. However, even though this alternative allows you to have a real sneak-peek of what Halong Bay looks like, this option is not chosen by many people due to the fact that the best part of the trip, spending a night in the heart of the Bay, is totally skipped.

Now, you have two other choices left:

  • Two-day-one-night trip
  • Three-day-two-night trip

Usually, a 2D1N trip on the cruise is the most popular one. Picking other options gives you a better chance to explore the Bay all inside out, both main attractions and hidden gems. What to be included in this 2D1N package is an onboard overnight stay, private cabin with sea view, a trip to the Bay’s main attractions, a traditional cooking class, tea time, night squid fishing and fine-dining treats during the entire route.

Now, let’s countdown to some of the experiences exclusive from the package. There is nothing to worry about if you decide to hop on the cruise after traveling all the way from your departure point by yourselves. However, if in need of a transfer service back and forth, remember to have it booked when registering your reservation. Furthermore, onboard drinks are not included, this comes along with a list of things like a personal tour guide, spa, and tips.

In terms of extra services, you may need from your luxury tour operators, this consists of a transfer in a private limousine, seaplane trip or helicopter to contemplate the Bay from above. Above all, you can also find a charter cruise service for those searching for an utmost journey customized for their own good.

Which is the best price range you need to notice?

On average, the most affordable Halong Bay cruises come around $250 – $300 a cabin per night for a group of two up to $1500 – $2000 per cabin. Usually, Halong cruise fare varies greatly depending on the season, boat type, size, stay duration and the number of services each guest wants. Simple as it seems, the smaller the boat is, the pricier it gets. This can be totally understandable as lesser people requires a smaller amount of time to gather people and hence service quality hence increases to serve each guest with better care.

As mentioned above, you can adjust the price range which suits you the best by paying close attention to which type of service you can get. If someone happens to offer you an under-250-dollar fare with “real luxury tag”, you may need to think twice. Getting a Vietnam luxury cruise has never been so easy. The only thing you need to care about is which specific thing you are down to experience without any further regret.

Apparently, paying a visit to Halong Bay is one of the must-do things for any travel enthusiast to pursue at least once in a lifetime. This massive natural bay holding a great limestone and cave gallery that makes UNESCO granted a stunning award of World’s Natural Heritage even twice. Hence, there is no reason to have a look at this brilliant attraction when in Northern Vietnam.

Each of the three regions of Vietnam owns its one iconic destination to meet the need of “luxury tours” seekers, and Halong Bay is that one name to be recalled if the North. Follow our instruction above and you have no worries when booking an actual luxury Halong cruise.