Though Christmas Day roots from Christianity and Catholicism, it has become a big festival worldwide, even with people who do not follow these religions. Together with the New Year’s Eve, Xmas is the biggest and fanciest event in the year. People from different regions and countries have their distinctive ways of celebrating this day. Let’s join in Halong Bay cruise Christmas Event on luxury Hermes Cruises to get along with the cozy vibe of a Vietnamese Xmas.

A beautifully decorated ship with merry Christmas vibe

You realize Christmas is coming to town when seeing the joyful decorations on every single street or place you visit. Hermes Cruise is not an exception. Very soon before this important date, the staff has worked hard to cover the ship with jolly Christmas vibes. The yacht is beautifully decorated with Christmas tree, bells, wreaths, ornaments, Xmas boxes and presents, string lights, pinecones, stockings, ribbons, and of course, candles. All make up a typically warm atmosphere for a cold yet cozy Christmas Day.

A perfect blend of classical Christmas and traditional Vietnamese music

There are must-play songs that can never be missed in any Christmas festivals. Attending Halong Bay Cruise Christmas, visitors will be able to immerse yourselves in the familiar melodies of Xmas songs such as “All I want for Christmas is you”, “Last Christmas”, “White Christmas”, etc. Tapping your feet along the soulful rhythms of these songs, you will feel like you are being empowered and invigorated.

Aside from the popular western Christmas songs, Hermes Cruise also offers foreign travelers to enjoy the gentle Vietnamese music via the concerto performed with traditional Vietnamese instrumentations.

Joyous Gifts and offers


Normally you will hang empty socks on the trees or in your rooms to wait for the Santa Claus to fill it with gifts. And he will be arriving at Hermes Cruises on that special night!

There is no need to hang your bags on as the gifts have been already put inside your rooms. Each client will be presented with small gifts from our crew. No one knows exactly what it would be. It might be a T-shirt, a toy, a cake, or a Christmas card. When you see the beautifully wrapped boxes in your cabins, it means your Santa Claus has come.

Special offers on Halong Bay Cruise Christmas

There will be a totally new menu that is specially designed to fit the festive Christmas mood. You will be able to try new dishes which are a perfect harmony of western taste and Vietnamese cuisine. Also, each passenger will be served with a Hot Punch for free right before your meals.

Exciting activities at night

A Halong Bay Cruise Christmas Event on Hermes Cruises will let you immerse in the festive mood of Xmas with several fascinating activities. There will be Happy Hours when passengers can ease your soul with the melodious rhythm of the music. There will be different times for different kinds of music, which would provide you with different vibes. You can meander in the soulful melodies of country folk songs or sway your hips to the funky beats of modern music.

What’s more, visitors will get involved in fascinating traditional Vietnamese games. Both the guests and the staffs can join in this activity to get closer to each other in that cozy Christmas night.

Without any doubt, Hermes Cruise is a perfect option for your Halong Bay Cruise Christmas holiday. The enchanting Christmas atmosphere that the cruise offers will give you a warm-hearted Christmas on one of the most important festivals in the year. Do not hesitate, book cruises now and get ready for a triumphant Christmas!