It is an ordinary occasion that travelers may ask about the risk of seasickness when they are about to take a tour to the beach or the ocean. The case is the same with tourists coming to Halong Bay – a haunted destination in North Vietnam that has been voted worldwide as one of the new Seven Wonders of Nature. Will you get seasick when traveling to Halong? No, you WON’T.

Halong Bay is very sheltered with up to 2,000 limestone islands and islets, which means it is relatively closely spaced. As a result, the sea is very calm and quiet with stable sea wave. There was hardly any movement from the sea, thus making the possibility of Halong Bay cruise seasick touch bottom.

The modern Halong Bay ship also contributes largely to the exceptionally low chances of motion sickness. Normally cruises on the Bay will set sail around the safe and less windy areas. In addition, the captain and ship crew always try their best to anchor their vessels in the most convenient and quiet way so that there will be no big shake. When the sun has gone to rest and the moon takes his place, the cruises will gather together in areas that are surrounded by karst mountains, hence it is safe and there is almost no big wave. According to Halong Bay Vietnam Cruise Reviews, not many reports of seasickness have been found.

Still, if you are going aboard a ship from Halong Bay to Cat Ba Island (Lan Ha Bay), which is quite far away, seasickness is still likely to happen because you will need to cruise far offshore where there exists only few islets.

In case you are in doubt of or really sensitive to seasickness, take some medication that you have previously used. And remember to stay away from places that have diesel smell. Warm ginger drink might be an effective solution, too.

In short, with stable sea wave and smooth run, there are little chances of catching Halong Bay cruise motion sickness. You can rest assured that seasickness will rarely occur in your Halong Bay trip. Just take it easy, hang on a smile, and get ready for an once-in-a-lifetime trip!