Naturally blessed with exquisite seascapes, Halong Bay holds an enchanting charm that would easily make people fall in love at the very first sight. This UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site has been considered one of the best places for honeymoon tours in Asia thanks to its poetic beauty. Spending your private time with your loved one on an overnight Halong Bay cruise honeymoon, newly-weds will surely be able to live their lives to the full.

Why to choose Halong Bay for your honeymoon trip?

After working your fingers to the bone to prepare for the once-in-a-lifetime wedding, it’s time for couples to take a healing honeymoon trip to enjoy their private time together. Nothing is better than taking a honeymoon trip to a beautiful and peaceful land to get memorably sweet experiences together. Halong Bay, which has been voted to be one of the new Seven Wonders of the World, cannot be a greater place for couple tours.

Nature has gifted Halong Bay with majestic settings of limestone islets, marvelous caves, pristine beaches, and emerald waters, which could easily capture the hearts of travelers. All these things make up a poetic beauty for newly-weds to enjoy.

Pristine beaches

Beaches in Halong Bay are not as large and stretching as beaches in Southern Vietnam; however, they win kudos for its quiet atmosphere. The white sand is washed by the retreating tide, which is exceptionally clean and soft to scrunch your toes in. Additionally, walking hand-in-hand with your loved one and sharing warm embraces and kisses while admiring the gorgeous sunset on the Bay is a worth-taking thing to do in Halong Bay cruise honeymoon.

Marvelous karst caves

How about exploring the magnificent caves of Halong Bay with your sweetie? Newly-weds will get the chance to enter a whole new world, which seems to only appear in sci-fi movies. Or listen to the tales and love stories about these caves to understand more about how Vietnamese people appreciate the importance of love.

Ecstatic recreational activities

Being on Halong Bay tours for couples, you will get involved in several joyful activities such as swimming, hiking, kayaking, and squid-fishing. Not only is it a great way to be closer to nature but it is also an unforgettable experience for newly-weds to do.

Honeymoon Package on Hermes Cruise

The 5-star Hermes Cruise offer special Halong Bay cruise honeymoon package for newly-weds who want to get unforgettably sweet moments together.

Free room set-up

To congratulate your weddings, Hermes Cruise would be pleased to offer you a special room set-up to provide couples with the most beautiful and romantic space for their nights onboard. Things like tower swans representing a couple who are kissing, love signs with roses, etc. will be thoughtfully and meticulously decorated so that it could bring a sensual and romantic vibe to your room.

Fruit & Wine

Additionally, couples will be gifted with a tray of fresh tropical fruits and 02 cups of French Wine, which can add some tastes to your time together onboard. Having wine while lying on the terrace to watch the sparkling night sky is a must-try experience for newly-weds to do during your honeymoon in Halong Bay.

Other services

In case you need other services like music or a special dinner in the room, just inform the staff and they will prepare all for you.

Especially, gay couples can also enjoy their couple trip or honeymoon on Hermes Cruise. There’s no boundary in love, right? Hermes Cruise is willing to serve so that you and your beloved person will have the best honeymoon time.