Naturally blessed with majestic natural settings, Halong Bay has long been among the most haunted destinations in Asia. This UNESCO-designated World Heritage possesses an irresistible appeal that would steal all travelers’ hearts at their very first meet. So if you are planning to go to Vietnam, Halong Bay is undoubtedly an ideal option to consider.

Consisting of more than 1,600 limestone islands and islets, Halong Bay is so magnificent that it is voted as one of the new Seven Wonders of Nature. The jaw-dropping limestone peaks, the turquoise sea water, and the empty Colgate-white beaches of Halong have brought millions of travelers to the Bay each year to conquer its beauty. Taking a cruise is the best way to explore this beautiful Bay, but which type of cruise should we choose? Check out the following Halong Bay cruise options:

Luxury Cruises

The luxury cruise is simply a first-class hotel on the ocean, where customers can be served with first-class services. You are paying for the experience of five-star amenities here – not for any particular divergence from the typical cruise itinerary – but if you want to enjoy the marvelous moments like lying on a swanky sun-lounger to watch the sun going down over a vista of craggy jungle-topped islands or watching the sky full of blazing stars at night, you can’t really go wrong.

Luxurious Halong Bay cruises are just too good to be true: high-end interiors, sophisticated dining room, spacious sundeck, and professional service. Additional to the convenience in accommodation, luxury cruises would offer you the best sightseeing experience with a visit to the alluring destinations on the Bay, promising to let your jaw drop with the irresistible beauty of nature. Some fascinating activities are also available to take part in such as swimming kayaking, squid-fishing, learning to cook traditional Vietnamese dishes, and practicing Tai Chi.

Mid-range cruises

Halong Bay mid-range cruise is perhaps the most chosen option for a voyage. However, there is a wide range when it comes to price, which later decides the services and experiences clients would get. Some mid-range cruises offer efficient services (up to 4-star) with cozy hotel-like cabins, enthusiastic on-board tour guides, and also kayaking service. In contrast, some cruises with bargain-based price are just more than an ordinary tourist boat with no distinguished difference.

Mid-range Halong Bay cruisesMid-range Halong Bay cruises
As competition is fierce, many tour operators include some additional services to the itinerary such as kayaking and bus transfer from Hanoi without any additional fees. Of course, too many options might make you confused sometimes.

Tourist boats

Tourist boats enable travelers to have a four to six-hour excursion on Halong Bay. This is cheap, fast, and acceptable, yet just in case you don’t mind sharing space with strangers.

Departing from Bai Chay Port, tourist boats will take you on a quick tour around the Bay to come across and visit some couples of highlights just in a half day. Dau Go Cave and Thien Cung Cave are on the itinerary, yet you need to pay extra fees.

In the end, which one is better?

Considering all the things like amenity, traveling experience, and price, Halong Bay luxury cruises Vietnam win this game without any doubt. While budget and mid-range cruises cost from $120 – $150/pax, you only need to pay around $50 more to be on a luxurious one! Not a huge difference in price but the experiences that luxurious ships offer would make your money all worthwhile.