No matter which month it is, the poetic scenery of Halong Bay is always a huge appeal to tourists. Numerous flocks of travelers have taken Vietnam tours to Halong Bay to witness the beauty that has been acclaimed worldwide. Halong in different months possesses different attractions. And December is considered one of the best time to travel to Halong Bay thanks to its favorable weather conditions.

Halong Bay cruise weather in December is typical of the winter in North Vietnam, when you can expect lots of dry and sunny days.


North Vietnam experiences the coldest days of winter between December and January; still, it does not mean you would get frozen like in the winter of northwestern countries. Yes it is cold, but the temperature remains between 15 and 23 It might be a little chill to swim but for other outdoor activities like exploring caves or hiking, this weather condition is just perfect.


There expects to be lots of sunlight in December in Halong Bay. The sky is clear and sunny, thus the visibility is enhanced enormously. Up to 8 hours of sunshine and little to no rain has made Halong Bay cruise in December top traveling experiences in Vietnam.


According to reviews on Halong Bay day trip, 2-day trip, and Halong Bay 3 day cruise reviews, there is little rain in December. Even though the volume of rain seems to increase in December compared to November, it still remains low (around 23 mm). Generally, it is still an exceptionally dry month with almost no rain.


December is one of the months with lowest humidity levels in a year. While the average level in a year in Vietnam is around 90%, the humidity in December sometimes falls to under 70%!

In such a pleasant weather condition, it would be a big regret not to take a Halong Bay trip to fall in love with the irresistible beauty of this land. Pack your luggage, book a flight, and have a Halong Bay tailor-made tour to get the unforgettably joyful cruising experiences that would last your lifetime.