As tourism is rapidly developed, the services offered to tourists are now more and more varied and of better quality. In other words, in a trip, what you will receive is not just a glance at the beautiful scenery of a destination but also many other supplementary services offered by thoughtful and enthusiastic staff. With Halong Bay cruises, aside from the chance to witness the beauty of one of the most beautiful seascapes in the world, travelers can also attend the joyful parties onboard.

In ordinary days

Even in ordinary days can travelers take Halong tours enjoy parties. There is a thing called “sunset party” on the sky bar for clients to join. You can come to have a drink, and chat with friends. Especially, it is such a great opportunity for Halong Bay cruise young adults to meet new people, get to know each other, and sway their hips to the music. It is not much different from a normal bar at cities, but the scenery of the Bay makes it special. While you are drinking, you can also see the marvelous seascapes of Halong Bay. Watching the orange ball going down onto the far-off waters, you will feel all the stress and fatigue of the bustling life has been blown away. Take a deep breath of fresh air, immerse yourself in the quietness of the Bay, and find peace in your mind.

In special occasions

It is even more interesting onboard in big occasions. In such holidays like Christmas and Halong Bay Cruise New Year’s Eve, there will be big night party on board in the evening of December 24th and 31st. As they are big events and would involve in lots of preparation, each guest would need to pay an extra fee (around $50/person). Still, the parties promise to be exceptionally joyful with the best drinks, impressive décor, and fancy music.

Joining Halong Bay cruise party on board, travelers will be meeting new friends, having tasty drinks, and digging the music. Also, there will be special performances delivered by professional artists for visitors to enjoy.

In such event as New Year’s Eve, there will be also count-down party where visitors can gather and together wait for the New Year to come. It is too exciting to be missed.

If you are party people, do not miss taking Halong Bay cruise party. The fancy vibe that the parties offer would definitely rock your body.