As one of the most famous tourist attractions in Vietnam, Halong Bay is a tourist hub that welcomes numerous flocks of travelers from different corners of the world. Normally, a Halong Bay cruise might last around 2 – 3 days and travelers will need to transfer by bus from Hanoi to Halong and then go aboard the junk for an exploration. Now, traveling by seaplane is available here, enabling travelers to get an extraordinary experience on one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world.

Depending on your plans as well as your budget, there are different ways to enjoy a Halong Bay cruise seaplane trip as mentioned following:

1. For those with generous budget.

If you have a fat wallet and do not want to waste time to transfer, you can book a round trip flight from Hanoi to Halong and vice versa. Once you have reached Noi Bai Airport, head to Hai Au Aviation check-in which is at Counter 109, Lobby E, Terminal 1 to buy a ticket and pack your luggage. The scenic flight from Hanoi to Ha Long Bay is about 45 minutes with a 15-minute scenic tour of the bay, which is far quicker than any other ways to travel!

Traveling by seaplanes gives you a unique experience compared to any other means of transportation. Travelers get the chance to enjoy the fabulous aerial views over the countryside and would be overwhelmed by the thrill of water landing which has lured many savvy travelers. The flight also allows visitors to admire the Halong Bay cruise image of the thousands of limestone karsts rising from the emerald waters from a bird’s eye view and see remote fishing villages before landing on Tuan Chau Island Marina.

It’s recommended that travelers spend time going on a day trip on Halong Bay cruise to get a deeper approach to the beauty of the Bay before flying back to Hanoi.

2. For those with mid-range budget.

To save more, you can choose a one-way flight from Hanoi to Halong and then return by car. The itinerary is similar to the above but with this option, after landing, you can freely schedule your time to go exploring and have fun.

Aside from an excursion on the Bay, travelers can pay a visit to other popular destinations in Halong such as Tuan Chau Amusement Park, Dragon Park, Bai Tho Mountain, Quang Ninh Museum, etc and get involved in several fascinating games and activities here.

Especially, you will get time to visit the food street in Tuan Chau. You can sample several delicacies at a reasonable price.

You can easily catch a bus to go back to Hanoi on Highway 18. It would cost around 100,000 VND/person/ticket.

3. For those with limited budget.

The best way not to spend too much money but still be able to watch Halong Bay from above is to take a bus to go from Hanoi to Halong and back and then buy a sightseeing flight ticket.

The seaplane will take off from Tuan Chau Port and return to its starting point after finishing its journey around the Bay. The flight will enable you to perfectly feast their eyes on Halong bay’s scenery, especially with its astonishing 150-300m high flyovers above this stunning wonder of Vietnam.

You can stay overnight in Halong city and start to explore the other destinations here in another day or book tours with Halong Bay cruise operators to get on the junk to spend your night on the ocean.