Nowadays, it is definitely a piece-of-cake to find a good Halong Bay tour package for a quick escape from Hanoi. However, are you aware of a hidden lesser-known space lying in the back of the gigantic limestones where most of your friends visiting Halong Bay before failed to recognize? The post below reveals an authentic life in the tranquil Cua Van fishing Village.

Cua Van Floating Village

Proudly recognized several times by UNESCO as one of the top even World’s Natural Heritage, Halong Bay has been seen the real heaven on Earth when holding in itself a great number of “masterpiece” granted by Mother Nature. However, if you think spending a night on a luxury boat in the middle of the massive Halong Bay is the only thing you can get when planning a Halong Bay tour itinerary, you are all wrong!

Apart from such breathtaking scenery, Halong hides in the back of its enormous limestone gallery a whole space of culture with Cua Van. If such massive limestones and caves were brought by Mother Nature, then Cua Van fishing village was a gift made by the hands of Vietnamese.

Born as a tranquil destination owning an utmost heritage-like attractiveness, Cua Van fishing village puts on itself a special delicate beauty. This is home to an authentic and special long-lasting aquaculture. Combining all these given matters, Cua Van was listed in the archive of top 16 best Worldwide ancient villages back in the year 2012.

The Village from aboveThe Village from above

Some say Cua Van gives out a similar look of a tiny oasis surrounded by the magnificent nature, this lesser-known fishing village of Halong Bay lives it serene life behind the imposing mountainous ranges.

Generations of Cua Van fishermen sacrifice their entire day for the life on the surface of the ocean and hence the waves have been their everlasting friends. Boats are home and the sea is hometown. The village fishermen have spent decades of their life catching fish offshore, which hence turns each factor, human and ocean, into a whole inseparable being.

Floating housesFloating houses

If a night in the bay fits the best those spending the sleep with their other significant, then Cua Van is, on the other hand, makes the best of it for those visiting Vietnam all alone. When signing up for one of the Halong Bay tours for singles to Cua Van, you can easily catch sight of the main means of transportation here is a chain of little wooden boats docked right next to one another. Accordingly, native children right at their youngest ages are accustomed to floating life in the sea and get to be master at riding the waves or scrolling down under the coolest water.

A community amidst the BayA community amidst the Bay

The profession of fishing is a typical culture down the lands close by the ocean. There goes along with the birth and development of vivid and splendid festivals and traditional events bearing a strong cultural color.

 Such value is greatly reflected in the local religious and mental life.

Father and sonFather and son

As shared by most of the local fishermen in Cua Van, such special life leaning on the hardship of the ocean, there exists some must-follow rules and taboos before entering the sea. Believe it or not, females are not allowed to step on the boats before they are weighed anchor and steaming off to the high sea. This is also applied for expecting women. These acts are supposed to bring bad luck to the voyage.

Staying away from the hustle and bustle of the city life, Cua Van fishing village lives each day of its life in absolute tranquility where the lives of local fishermen and sailormen are well protected and enclosed by mountains and ocean. What to expect when visiting Cua Van is a peaceful echo of the side-boat knocking and rustic quick chats from the two families having their lunch when the boats are docked, without the ear-splitting sound of honks and vehicles. Hence, take this as the best Halong Bay tours review you can ever have and give Cua Van fishing village a visit when in the Bay.