Possessing an exquisite scenery of thousands of limestone islets on emerald sea water, Halong Bay has long been a tourism hub that attracts numerous flocks of travelers from all over the world each year. While everyone is making their ways to this worldwide famous spot, questions are frequently raised. Let’s see the most frequently asked questions and the insider answers to them.

1. Are there any Halong Bay cruises for solo travelers?

Traveling alone is now not a problem any longer. The case is the same with Halong Bay cruises. Most of people comes in groups (family, friends, or couples), yet there are still lots of solo travelers. You do not need to worry about getting bored because there are plenty of fascinating activities for you to enjoy. Regarding rooms, though most of the rooms on ships are double rooms or family rooms, of which capacity is up to 5 – 6 people, you can still choose to stay alone in a single room. Just pay a single supplement (depending on which types of cruises and which cabins you would choose that the price might be different) and you will get your own room.

2. Are there any prejudices or discrimination towards gay or religious people?

Absolutely NO. With professional staff that have undergone proper training, all the guest aboard are served with the same behavior and manner, regardless of their gender and religion. Many may ask about Halong Bay cruise gay or Halong Bay cruise Muslim package since somewhere in the world there are still hasty discrimination towards them, yet with Halong Bay cruises, especially with the luxurious ones like Margaret Cruises, where all the staff and services are up to international standard, there is no need to worry. All people are treated fairly. Even when gays are on a couple trip, they can get the same promotion package as the male-female couples.

3. Are there any special treats for vegans?

Yes, there is. If you are vegans or a Buddhist followers, just inform the staff in advance when you are booking tours that you cannot eat meat. There will be a special menu for vegetarians.

And no need to worry about the quality. All the Halong Bay cruise vegetarian foods are taken care well and taste really good. The heavenly tasty dishes made by the skillful hands of the chef will definitely fit your taste’s buds.

4. Is there free wifi onboard?

There will be free Halong Bay cruise wifi on the ship and you can connect to it anytime and anywhere onboard. However, as Halong Bay is a relatively closed Bay and located quite far from the mainland, the weak connection is a regular problem. It is OK with surfing internet to read news and post photos, but for working purposes, it might be not strong enough.

Especially, in such secluded areas like Bai Tu Long Bay or Lan Ha Bay, there is almost no internet connection (or even phone signal) there.

5. What about tipping?

Halong Bay cruise tipping is not a required thing, yet if you are satisfied with the services and experiences you get on your trip, a small gratuity is proper. It all depends on you but in order to express your thanks to the tour guides or staff onboard, around USD 5 – 7/day is an appropriate amount to be given.

Above are some questions that you might ask while considering to take a Halong Bay cruise. Do not hesitate to go as you will surely be served with the best service and offered unforgettably joyful moments.