Halong Bay – the descending dragon of Vietnam has gained a huge reputation worldwide thanks to its jaw-dropping natural seascapes, deserving to be the top tourist attractions in Asia. A trip to the Bay will provide tourists with a gamut of emotions and experiences. Together with the marvelous thousand-year-old karst caves and emerald waters, the evergreen limestone islets of different shapes and sizes are what you should never miss to photoshoot when traveling there. In this article, Margaret Cruises will give you brief Halong Bay insights to get you covered with the unique islets with unusual shapes in the most beautiful waters of the world.

1. Yen Ngua Islet (Saddle Islet).

The islets on Halong Bay are named after the shape of it. Yen Ngua Islet, as its name could indicate, resembles the saddle of a horse. It is among the “strangest” islands on the Bay.

Yen Ngua Islet is formed by 02 big stones, one is taller and the other is shorter. The two abutments join each other to form a massive block. The middle part is concave, thus looking like a saddle. Underneath the saddle is a blank space of around 10-meter-long for boats to sail through. Aside from Luon Cave, which has been long well-known as a kayaking destination, Yen Ngua Islet is indeed a much more appealing one, because you will never need to worry about the crowd of tourists here.

2. Con Coc Islet (Frog Islet).

Con Coc Islet is another delicate gift that nature has blessed Halong Bay. Looking from far away, the islet looks like a giant frog that sits alone amidst the vast ocean. The islet is 8 meters tall and is located only 12 kilometers to the Southeast of the Bay.

In Vietnamese culture, frog (“cóc” in Vietnamese) is tied to the folktale that says it is the “uncle” of the Jade Emperor. It is said to have led the squad of animals who were prone to death due to severe drought to the Jade to ask for rain. Since then, whenever the frog grits his teeth, there would be rain on Earth

3. Dau Nguoi Islet (Head-shaped islet).

If Egypt has the Great Sphinx of Giza, Halong Bay has Dau Nguoi Islet. It is nestled to the north of Bo Hon Island, which is about 1 km from Luon Cave and 2 km from Sung Sot Cave. Quite near as it might seem, you cannot catch sight of this islet from these places because the view is prevented by other limestone islets.

Dau Nguoi Islet is 25 meters tall and resembles a head of a normal human with a high big nose while the lush trees on covering the island look like the hair. Due to its isolated location amidst the sea, it offers a quaint and peaceful vibe and distinctively mysterious appeal.

4. Cho Da Islet (Stone dog islet).

You might never think there would be a dog amidst the wild ocean, right? If so, the stone dog in Halong Bay would amaze you. This islet is located to the west of Dau Go Islet, shaping like a dog turning his back to the sea.

“Cho Da” (Stone Dog) Islet is around 8 meters high and looks like a giant stone guard dog – a familiar thing with Vietnamese people. In all of the temples and worshipping places around the country, a pair of stone dogs is put in front of the gate, who are said to inform the good news when having any visitors as well as protect the temples from evils and ghosts. In Halong Bay, the giant stone dog is like the guard that assure every visitor would be safe and sound during the cruises.

5. Lu Huong Islet (Incensory Islet).

A cannot-miss mentioning name is Lu Huong Islet – the symbol that has been put into the second largest money note of Vietnam. It is a huge stone slab that stands on very slim legs, rising firmly amidst the ocean. When the tides are down, its legs are clearly shown, making it look like a giant incensory that is used to worship the Jade.

Together with the Fighting Cocks Islet, Lu Huong Islet is a famous landmark of Halong Bay that has been mentioned in press and media. Especially, the image of this islet has been put in the back side of the 200,000 note – the Vietnamese Dong note of the second largest value.

None of the islets in Halong are of the same shapes and sizes. It varies enormously and resembles different things in life. A cruise to Halong Bay will enable you to witness their mysterious looks. Don’t hesitate to book a tour now, as their beauty will definitely leave you in awe.