Halong Bay used to be an innocent land with only a few human-made works when there was only the Bay itself. The tourism here didn’t really develop until Tuan Chau Island was exploited. The appearance of Tuan Chau Harbor and touristic zone has blown a new wind of changes to the tourism of Halong Bay. The island has now been among the top destinations that travelers should not miss when taking Halong Bay tours. Also, its harbor is the departing point where most of Halong Bay cruises anchor and embark.

Tuan Chau IslandTuan Chau Island

Where is it located?

Tuan Chau Island is located 2 km away from the city center of Halong, connecting with the mainland with a concrete road. The island covers an area of nearly 22 hectares with some low hills. Nowadays, Tuan Chau is home to an international resort and recreation complex, attracting huge volumes of travelers each year.

What does it offer?

  • Stunning beach

Beach resort in Tuan ChauBeach resort in Tuan Chau

Similar to any other island, a beach is an integral part of Tuan Chau. Here stands a 2-kilometer long seashore with transparent sea water, which is exceptionally suitable for beachgoers. Additional to swimming and sunbathing, visitors can also engage in different recreational activities such as canoeing, parasailing, skimboarding, waterskiing, and so on.

Along the coastline are the high-end resorts with 50 luxurious rooms and lodges, promising to get you served with the first-class services.

  • Huge amusement complex

Dolphin showDolphin show

Tuan Chau Island also includes a huge amusement complex with several fascinating entertaining sections up to an international standard such as dolphin & seal performances, magic shows, 5D to 9D cinema, indoor and outdoor game zones. Recently, the Dragon Park and “Hello Halong” section have been launched, providing customers with not only joy but also a deeper approach to the legends and stories of Halong.

  • A state-of-the-art harbor

Tuan Chau HarbourTuan Chau Harbour

Here exist 02 Halong Bay cruise terminals where most of Halong Bay Cruises depart from. Covering an area of up to 172 hectares, the Terminal 1 and 2 can serve up to 2,200 ships at once. Tuan Chau Harbor is now the starting point of nearly 600 cruise ships on Halong Bay as well as the yachts from different parts of the world traveling to this appealing destination. In the near future, the harbor will connect with the marine system to facilitate trade and economic and cultural exchanges by sea within Asia in particular and globally in general.

Undeniably, Tuan Chau Island has contributed largely to the rise of Halong Bay tourism. With modern and standardized services, the island promises to offer clients with enjoyable moments in your Halong Bay tours. Do not hesitate to visit here, as it will never disappoint you.