You might have seen plenty of articles written about the things to do on Halong Bay cruise but there is nothing much about the things to avoid, right? In this article, Hermes Cruise will get you covered with the things that you should never do when cruising on one of the most beautiful emerald waters in the world.

Ignore the safety guide from the cruise crew

Don't forget Halong Bay cruise safety noticesDon’t forget Halong Bay cruise safety notices

Once you have got on the ship, you will be given a welcome drink and then get the key to access your booked cabin. Don’t just going around to observe the ship and the Bay but remember to take some time to listen carefully about the safety and security guide from the cruise manager. There rarely happens accidents or dangerous situations on luxury Halong Bay cruise but it is still necessary to pay attention to be able to react just in any unexpected cases. All are for the sake of your safety.

Let your kids run wild

Even when the vessel has the balustrades, tell your kids not to run freely around the ship. They might crash on others and get injured. Some even climb on the balustrades, which is seriously dangerous.

Halong Bay Cruise with kidsHalong Bay Cruise with kids

It is also important to supervise the kids well when doing Halong Bay activities such as cave-visiting, kayaking, swimming, etc.

Smoke and do drugs

Most of luxury Halong Bay cruises do not allow smoking onboard in order to keep the fresh atmosphere for all passengers. Still, you can smoke at your private area (if allowed) or at the smoking area.

No smoking at public zonesNo smoking at public zones

Opium, drug, and other addictive substances are prohibited in Vietnam. If you are caught transporting, selling, or possessing these things, you will be severely punished even when you are foreign travelers.

Forget to turn off the tap

As fresh water onboard is brought from the mainland, it is really precious. Do not forget to turn off the tap after using it. It would be terrible if you don’t have water to bath, wouldn’t it?

Don't jump from the shipDon’t jump from the ship

Jump from the ship

In some moments, you might be so allured by the turquoise sea water of the Bay and would like to jump into it immediately. Don’t do that, because it is really dangerous. You could wait till the swimming section to touch the water, so what’s the point to be that rushed?

Miss the sunrise and sunset

Purple sunset on Halong BayPurple sunset on Halong Bay

It would be a big regret if you miss the chance to witness the sunrise and sunset during your overnight Halong Bay cruise. The gorgeous scenery of the Bay at dawn and twilight will definitely leave you in awe.

At twilight, sunlight fills the sky with pure scattered light and the tides on the sea are racing among each other to reach the horizon from where the mighty godlike sun appears, creating such an energetic vibe for a full adventure day. Sunset, on the contrary, leaves you with a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere that can easily ease your soul.