Possessing exquisite seascapes, Halong Bay is a tourist hub in not only Vietnam but also the whole Asia. Numerous people fly to Vietnam each year to pay a visit to this wonderland, regardless of the fact that they will need to transit from Hanoi or other airports for hours before reaching this land. In this Halong Bay tours review, Hermes Cruise will get you covered with the list of transportation from Hanoi to Halong so that you could consider and choose the most suitable option that would fit your schedule and budget.

1. Bus

Shuttle bus is perhaps the most common means of transportation to travel between Hanoi and Halong. The most economical option is the public bus, but it will take a long time while the seat and space on the bus are not comfortable enough, as it is designed for the local Vietnamese. It would take about 4 hours to transit. You can catch the bus at the bus station or even on the Highway.

Dcar LimousineDcar Limousine

Another favorable option is the shared shuttle bus, which is often included in Halong Bay tour package. Most of the travel agencies in Vietnam will use the Limousine car, which has large soft leather seats and big storages to put the luggage. Felix Limousine with 16 seats and Dcar Limousine with 7 seats are the two most popular cars offered. Of course, the cost will be much higher than the public bus, but it is definitely worth your money. This choice is suitable for those going in small groups or taking Halong Bay tours for singles.

New Expressway Halong - Hai PhongNew Expressway Halong – Hai Phong

Since September 2018, the new Expressway Halong – Hai Phong has been opened, reducing the travel time to only 2 hours. In other words, traveling by bus now is no longer a “challenge” or a “have-to-do” thing. Take a seat and sleep, and you will reach Halong Bay in just some winks.

2. Private transfer.

A superior option of traveling by bus is the private transfer by cars. According to some Halong bay tours review, some clients feel uncomfortable when having to share the car with strangers because some people tend to speak loudly while others are sleeping, or some smoke. Hence, they would like to take private cars to have more convenient spaces along the way.

Private TransferPrivate Transfer

The cost of private transfer will be more expensive than the shared shuttle bus. It will cost around $200 – $250/car for a round trip. However, if you are going in big groups (5 people and more), it will be quite beneficial. The average price per person will be quite the same as the Limousine shuttle car, sometimes it is even lower.

3. Seaplane

If you have a fat wallet and do not want to spend much time on transferring, the seaplane is the perfect choice for your Vietnam Halong Bay tours. Seaplane service is now exclusively offered by Hai Au Aviation, enabling travelers to get on the seaplane to take a scenic flight from Hanoi to Halong.

Travelling by SeaplaneTraveling by seaplane

Visitors will be able to witness the fabulous aerial views over the countryside and would definitely be overwhelmed by the thrill of water landing which has lured lots of savvy travelers. The 60-minute flight also allows visitors to admire the natural settings of limestone karsts rising from the emerald waters from a bird’s eye view before landing on Tuan Chau Marina.

It is actually a fabulous experience, and of course, you will have to pay a great deal for it. The cost for a round-trip flight between Hanoi and Halong will be 7 to 10 times as expensive as the private transfer by car. Therefore, many clients choose to take a one-way flight, or just a 15-minute scenic flight only to save costs.

A scenic flightA scenic flight

Another con of traveling by seaplane is that the plane does not take off every day. There are only up to 4 flights in a day, while the schedule depends enormously on the weather condition and number of guests. Hence, if you want to experience it, check it and book in advance!

Whatever means of transportation you would choose to transfer to Halong Bay, the journey is definitely worth your time, money, and effort. Let’s find a reliable tour operator, book the tour, pack your luggage, and head to Halong Bay now! Bon Voyage!