Halong Bay is one of the most visited destinations in Vietnam. This UNESCO World Heritage Site captures travelers’ hearts with the spectacular natural settings of thousands of limestone islets on the emerald water. It holds such a huge appeal that the site was also voted to be one of the new Seven Wonders of Nature.

Taking a Halong Bay cruise with a travel agency, everything has been already included in the package. However, there are still small yet quite important personal things that travelers need to bring along. Read on the following Halong Bay cruise advice to see the 15 must-bring items for your Halong Bay tour.

1. Water

All Halong Bay cruises offer free water on every tour and package, yet it is still advisable to bring extra bottles of water along. Especially when you go off the vessel to go exploring the beach or climb up the rocky mountain, water is of necessity.

2. Cash

Cash is important when traveling in Vietnam, not just in Halong Bay. You can use your credit cards when paying in hotels and ships, but when visiting the local villages or going shopping in the market, cash is the only thing you can use to pay.

Also, using Vietnamese Dong will make your buying easier and faster.

3. Sunscreen and hat

Sunscreen and hat are indispensable items for any beach trips. Similar to other tropical regions, Halong Bay is intensely hot in summer, when the temperature might reach 40 In order to protect your skin against the harsh sunlight, don’t forget to put on sunscreen and hat.

4. Repellent

Repellent is important when you go to explore the forests or penetrate the caves. Also, there are plenty of mosquitos on the sea at night.

5. Backup charger

Bring along a backup charger to make sure your technical items are on. You definitely do not expect the battery of your phones and cameras run down while you are taking photos or browsing webs, right?

6. Camera and extra memory cards

Remember to bring a camera along to capture the majestic beauty of Halong Bay. And an extra memory card as the Bay is just so poetic that you can’t stand yourself from taking photos.

7. Small first-aid kit

It is an important item anytime you travel to somewhere, not Halong Bay only.

8. Sport and formal outfits

When asking Halong Bay cruise what to wear, travelers only think of bringing along sport outfits for recreational activities like swimming, kayaking, trekking but forget the formal clothes for night events on board. If you are traveling in the winter, warm clothes are also essential.

9. Personal hygiene stuffs

Things like shampoo, soap, toothbrush, etc. are already equipped in every room but if you care much about these things, bring your own stuff is better, especially with those who are allergic to some chemical substances.

10. Waterproof backpack

You are traveling to a beach destination and participating lots of water activities so a waterproof backpack is a cannot-miss item to prevent your stuff from getting wet.

11. Motion sickness tablets

Halong Bay is a large area with plenty of islands and islets; thus, the wave is slight and there is little likelihood of catching seasick. However, bring some just in case.

12. Your smile and eagerness to travel

It is only once-in-a-lifetime trip, so be positive, hang on your smile, and get the best of it!

Some Halong Bay cruise recommendations above hope to give you a clearer view on what to prepare for a Halong trip. Pack your luggage and bon voyage!